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Here is a list of the available software we produced.

We also can offer customized applications, no matter what kind of software you need.

For more informations about what we can develope for you, just contact us(click here).






 MacProtect 1.0

Password protection for your mac

 Download now! 434k

 Purchase now! ($11.95)

 Screenprint 1.0.1b

 Instant print of your screen

 Download now! 1,2 MB

Purchase now! ($7.95)

Records keystrokes, now with screen-capturing!

Purchase now! ($11.95)

Advanced text/keystroke recorder

Download now! 1,2 MB

Purchase now! ($11.95)

Multi-user screen & keystroke monitoring

 Download now! 1,2 MB

Purchase now! ($29.95)

Monitorer Manager 1.0

 Manages your Monitorer X logs

 Download now! 530k


 Monitorer X 1.5

 Records keystrokes, with screen-capturing! For OS X

Download now! 1 MB

 Purchase now! ($11.95)

 vMemo X 1.2

 Record voice memos, capture from the radio (For OS X)

 Download now! 240k

 Purchase now! ($11.95)


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